The fire starts

Still trilled by my performance at Dutchweek on an international stage I was lucky to play some cool gigs at private (business) events last months. Learning on the job I had to pass some exams at school and needed to stay as many hours as possible behind the deck. Meanwhile I took my learnings from Dutchweek and practised as much as possible different styles of music to become more allround. I can’t explain how much fun it’s to improve my skills day by day!

BEACHCLUB 8 Rockanje

Beside challenging myself the best way to improve myself is to play with the best. And off course it all begins with starting the fire! My music collection starts growing and their's no better way than being in a line-up to show what you got. I'm so lucky that every time people seems to like my set just being good for that moment at the evening. Even more lucky if well known Dj's as Divine even support me being a young fresh talent. The fire has been started!