SAMAZING Sunday at Nikki Beach

Sometimes life is about the people to believe in you and parts to fall together. Tiesto for me is the biggest Dj I can imagine. It was no co-incidence he changed the music industry. It is no co- incidence he's surrounded with the best people around him. For me parts felt together when Henk Schipper pulled the trigger at Nikki Beach Marbella. Remember! almost Dj'ing for one year now... SAMAZING is it?

SAMAZING Sunday at Nikki Beach Marbella

Nikki Beach Marbella turned out to be my best party ever! Sunday's at Nikki Beach are famous and for sure the place to be. What could go wrong? Behind the decks I decided not to play the numbers I in my playlist. This party needed some more. I don't no why but it felt like I just had too. Guess what?! Nikki Beach exploded, full blast. After my set I went on back to back with Dj Antonio. We really nailed the stage and made memories for life. Special thanks to him! From now on their's SAMAZING Sunday at Nikki Beach. I think it was me bringing the beats and Henk Schipper to find SAMAZING :-)