As it happend!

Taking Dj lessons from DINA van Diest the plain toke off short after. Couple of weeks later I performed my first public DJ gig at Tony's Kitchen Bar. Hell I was pretty nervous but yes I nailed it! Even more, I enjoyed it to the max. Game on!

Share the music and vibes

Off course I could not practise on my Pioneer DJ Ergo and was in lucky circumstances I could borrow the brand new Pioneer XDJ-RX2. Downloaded the Rekordbox software, uploaded my music and off we go. My first gig was so cool and even DINA van Diest was so proud! It's awesome if you're in position to share your music and get the vibes going. So grateful DINA van Diest believed in me and gave me the change to shine. It's that vibe I want to keep on going to shine and enjoy every minute as a Dj.

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