Turning pancakes

Or spinning the decks..... As a young teenager I was selected to become a football player for the National Dutch squad. It did not withhold me to follow my dreams and take some Dj lessons from DINA van Diest. At that time I was turning pancakes in a local restaurant and told my dad it would make more sense to spin the decks.

First Dj lesson form DINA van Diest

Someone has to do it

Playing football on highest level for many years I had to play as a striker being only women in a men's team. Mostly they where two years older as I had to travel a lot and leave my hometown football club. At the Dutch Football Federation they really educated me to become the best version of yourself. To plan ahead, be dedicated and self confident end never give up. I still love to play football and do my workouts to be fit and energetic. I need that!

Nevertheless I felt not dreaming to be a pro player at the end and decided to have fun and with my besties at our local team. My best decision ever! We for sure win a lot but even more have fun every second being together! Meanwhile I started turning pancakes in a local restaurant. A sweaty job missing any fun at all. Bonus: it did not pay well either, but it's a job and someone has to do it!

It made me realise to be even more ambitious at school and to be disciplined and to be grateful to be able to love the things you do. So why not being a Dj? Besides sports I have always been passionated about music and got my first Pioneer Dj set from my father many years ago. Any spare time? Yes I was on that set! Not knowing what to do but for sure it was showtime every minute and yes at least I enjoyed! It was my wake up call to get in though with well known Dj and producer DINA van Diest. It was her motivating me to spin the deck instead of the pancakes. The rest is history!

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