Beats to SAMACE

From day one being a Dj for me is all about storytelling. A big journey about music and everything comes along. What story do I want to tell with my music? What skills do I need? What music? Where do I find my music? How do I tell my story the best? Who is going to help me and so on. Lucky me their's DINA van Diest bringing me in contact with other Dj's, their's internet and we have ADE Amsterdam.

538 DJ Hotel ADE Amsterdam

Every week I plan to search for new beats and music. Every day I play my Pioneer Dj set. And Yes I went to ADE Amsterdam to learn from the best. During ADE I visited the 538 Hotel and got tips and tricks from DJ Jose. I met with DJ Creeps and other Dj's. All to improve my skills to become a better Dj. Result?! I played some really cool gigs at private party's and events. For now it's about playing as much as possible...... meanwhile my search for music started, building the beats! Or start producing my own. Just wanna bring SAMAZING beats. Looking forward to all that will be!