Sam Ace is a young upcoming female dj born in Utrecht The Netherlands. She started playing soccer at a very young age for the national team of the Netherlands. Meanwhile she got addicted to her first Pioneer DJ set. Her drive performing on the highest level explained how it started.


She knew she had an amazing feeling for music especially for house music and absorbed the traditional genres such as deep & tech house and made this sound completely her own. She loves the interaction with the public trough music and letting them have the best time of their life. She made herself a new challenge which is becoming a DJ. She started taking lessons from DJ DINA van Diest and intruded into the DJ scene.  From now on she is making music at network/business events and although she just started she has been performing at several (beach)clubs and festivals in and outside the Netherlands. 


To witness one of SamAce’s sets is an experience where you completely lose yourself and connect with other people. The power of the interaction with the public makes you feel even happier watching the set of SamAce!